Arc 9 + Slack

Creative teams are more productive when the entire process is one workflow from start to finish. Arc 9 + Slack offers an array of tools unmatched by any other platform for the creative process. See how simple it is to integrate.

All Creative Workflow in One process


Making the creative process simple, smarter and faster!

How it works

Every action from uploads, review/approval, new versions form your arc9 project team and client review/approvals automatically posted to your slack project. Keeping everything in one place and moving your project communication out of messy email.

Team members have access to all original files, versions and can compare all of the, asset due dates, project due date, social posting schedule, presentations and reviews and approvals. Keeping everything at the fingertips of those who need it now, can access it simply and move the project faster.

With Screenhero invite your team to live review sessions, playback video and annotate and draw on every frame and zoom to the smallest detail on your designs.


To Set up Slack Integration:

1. Log into your Arc 9 account and go to the projects tab.

2. Click on the cog of the project

3. Click to add slack

4. Select your Slack account and authorize

5. Select the slack channel/project you want from the pull down.

Ready to get started with Arc 9 + Slack

Contact us at or click on chat and we will set it up for you.