Welcome to Arc 9 Tutorials & Support.

If you need help, or want to learn more about the Arc 9 tools, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the resources below, and contact us if you need assistance.


Getting Started (8:16)

A comprehensive overview of how to use Arc 9. Create a project, presentation, upload, invite your team and customize your workspace with your logo. In 8 minutes change the way you create.


Uploading to Arc 9 (1:34)

Upload from multiples sources. Drag files and folders from your desktop and manage all your versioned files.


Creating a Project (6:39)

Create a project, upload your files, invite your team. Create custom presentations and share. Manage teams and clients. Review and approval.


Reviewing with Arc 9 (4:00)

All the tools to review and approve all media. Articulate your vision. Grouped and threaded reviews with replies keeps it all organized. Advanced filtering and Export-CSV, PDF, Avid, Final Cut and Premier.


All About the Library (2:13)

Create Libraries and manage all your content. Easily copy from libraries to projects and from projects to libraries.


Inviting and Managing Your Team (2:54)

Manage internal teams, vendors and clients. Advanced roles and permissions to manage every action on every asset internally, globally and privately.


Private Client Portal (1:02)

Share and manage clients privately in a simply one click access portal. Clients only have access to what you invite them to see. Get feedback and approvals faster.


Showcase and Reel Presentations (4:25)

Create custom presentations to showcase your creative. Reels presentations with drag and drop editing. Showcase to pitch new work, market your services or show clients work, even post to social channels. Advanced analytics-track every action.

Creating Presentations (1:15)

The basic tools of review and approval, work in progress custom presentations and showcase presentations.


Project Calendar (:43)

Simple to use project calendar, with drag and drop editing, makes tracking your project delivery and asset deadlines a breeze.


Social Posting and Calendar (2:09)

Manage and schedule all your social channels. Schedule posts and edit with simple drag and drop feature. quick look analytics on each post.


Version Management & Compare (:56)

Manage all your versioned files simply with the ability to compare and review side by side in sync-Video, audio,images and design files.


Customize with your Identity (:53)

Add your logo and brands to every screen. Customize project notifications and custom presentations. Fully brand your own media space.


Custom Notifications and Thumbnails

Customize every notification and add custom thumbnails or select frames of video. Display your work the way you want it.


Advanced Global Search (:53)

Advanced search with multiple options helps you locate files across every project, presentation and library.


Activity Feed (:53)

The Activity Feed shows you all the activity across all your projects. Scroll down to the activity and click on it to go directly to the action.


Adding Details and Credits to Files (:33)

Add details and credits to your files. These show up on all hover overs and details on reviews and presentations-click on the three dots of a file and add.


Hosting Dailies (1:07)

Upload your files in a project, then create a showcase presentation, customize it and share your dailies or select review and approval and gather feedback. Simple and quick.


Arc 9 + Slack (1:00)

Integrate your Arc 9 projects with slack and take all your creative collaboration out of email and into one brilliant combination. Advanced settings with posting annotated reviews.